Premarital Counseling

The New Life Counseling Center is committed to help couples build solid relationships and strong marriages.

Studies indicate that couples who participate in premarital counseling have higher satisfaction levels, better communication and lower divorce rates than do their counterparts.

We offer a comprehensive premarital counseling package to all couples. Our goal is to provide you and your partner with the insight and tools needed to navigate life together in a mutually respectful and satisfying way.

Do you wish to have a deeper and healthier relationship with your partner?

We use the highly researched and tested Prepare-Enrich premarital assessment program which helps increase a couple's understanding, closeness and intimacy. It also helps to improve communication and conflict resolution leading to increased marital satisfaction and a decreased risk of divorce. In a relaxed and comfortable setting, a licensed therapist will help you get the most from your relationship by:

  • identifying your strengths and growth areas as a couple
  • strengthening your communication skills
  • uncovering value and personal differences which can lead to future conflict
  • identifying areas of personal stress
  • improving conflict resolution
  • exploring possible financial differences
  • establishing personal, couple and family goals
  • understanding and appreciating personality differences
  • and more...


How does it work?
Each partner will start by completing an online assessment survey. Once completed, your therapist is notified and prepares the results.

How long does it take?
Premarital counseling normally requires three 50-minute sessions with a therapist and covers the results of the online assessment survey plus other issues important to the couple.

What is included?
Included in premarital counseling is a copy of the assessment report for each person, a workbook for each person to utilize between sessions, and additional handouts.

What does it cost?
The fee for the online survey is $35 per couple and is payable to the assessment company when you login to take the online assessment. The cost of the sessions with your therapist vary and each therapist who offers premarital counseling sets their own rate. Premarital counseling is not covered by insurance.

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact:

Sylvia Flanagan, LMFT 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

619-297-2571 ext. 116