Chapel Time and
Vacation Bible School

CGC believes in fostering the development growth of the "whole child" including spiritual growth.

CGC started as an extension of First United Methodist Church in Mission Valley. Weekly Chapel Time, Vacation Bible School, and a prayer before meals are a part of our program.

Chapel Time

Beginning in our Preschool rooms, children attend a 15 minute Chapel Time every Wednesday morning (Oct. - June) in the Cove. Throughout the entire school year, we have a theme that carries us through each chapel. With the help of our Chapel Mascot, Shamus the Sheep, your child will hear a brief bible story, sing some silly songs, say a prayer, and leave with a smile. We have families from all religions at CGC so all stories have a moral lesson, which is beneficially for all. The teachers bridge this moral lesson into the classroom, such as being kind, loving, honest, helpful, etc.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School or "VBS" is a one-week, half-day summer camp. All the CGC children, age 4 and older that are present during this week, and their teachers, take part of the program. Vacation Bible School includes a t-shirt, snacks, and cd (one per family). During the week your child will learn the daily theme which is woven into the bible story, crafts, games, singing and snack time.