Parents Reviews and Testimonials

Read what some of our parents had to say about CGC...

"We have had our children at this school for over 6 years. The staff is amazing. They are warm and friendly with the children and there is zero turn-over at the school. Frequently when I pick my children up they do not want to come home. They are having too much fun. The kindergarten program is also awesome and the teacher does a great job with the children. I would never send my children anywhere else."

"What an amazing program! The entire staff—from the program director on down—is incredible. It is a warm, loving, clean, academic, fun, nurturing environment. You will walk up the stairs and say: Wow, the perfect preschool really does exist!"

More Testimonials from  our parents...

"I would come by and say goodbye but no one likes to see a grown man cry. Thank you for taking care of the loves of my life. You made going to work every day a little easier knowing that they were in good hands."

"You did so much to make us feel comfortable and secure. You just will never know how much that has meant to us. Thank you with all of my heart for wonderful little CGC."

"You deserve a million thank yous for all you do. I know that the families and kids are your #1 priority; which in my opinion is why CGC has such a great culture. CGC is a family and that is because of you! Thank you for being part of my family!"

"You create a really warm, safe, fun, and fantastic “home-away-from-home” learning experience. Thank you for all you have done for our family."

"You and your staff have huge impacts on the lives of the children who walk through the gates of CGC every morning. I hope all of our CGC families know how lucky their kids are to have such amazing women in their lives."

"Thank you so much for everything you do to make CGC such a positive place for kids (and families)! We are all very lucky to have our kids in such good hands at CGC!"