Habitat for Humanity 101

Friendly people, good schools, cultural opportunity, and fabulous weather are just a few of the elements that make San Diego special. But for many, living here is a challenge. As the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defines it, affordable housing is an apartment renting for $1,300 per month or a home priced under $220,000. Those opportunities are few and very far between in San Diego.

Habitat for Humanity serves families that make between 50% - 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI). These families find it nearly impossible to find decent housing that fits into their budget. They live in overcrowded units, often with dilapidated structures and run-down facilities. Children sleep in the living room with their siblings because their parents can’t afford a larger space. Drafty trailers and apartments are very expensive to keep warm. Children switch schools several times a year because the rent increases beyond their parent’s paychecks, and they are forced to move again. These substandard conditions lead to a myriad of health and safety issues. Without safe and stable housing, families are in a constant state of crisis.

There is a solution that works. Habitat for Humanity offers a way for families to purchase their own homes and focus on other important things in life like education, health and family. Home ownership creates stability for families and drives increased commitment to community that improves the quality of life for all residents. Attend Habitat 101 to find out how our program works and how YOU can help build better futures for local families. This presentation will take place on Sunday, March 26, from 11 AM -Noon in Linder Hall 2. If you would like more information please feel free to contact Brenda Blake at bblake@fumcsd.org or call 619-297-4366 ext. 125.